May 6, 2019 – Day 50

The Beginning of Phase 2 – This is where I start to (hopefully) lose some of this 41 pounds I’ve gained over the past 7 weeks! I got blood work and blood pressure taken, with all kinds of stats ready for your viewing pleasure.

I have to say, simply ONE day removed from eating a high-carb diet, and I feel like a Million Bucks!!! I have excess energy, my mood is severely improved and my body just feels better. I can hardly believe the difference after just one day – WoW!

  • Waist (around belt area, not navel) = 41″
  • Blood Pressure = 149/107 (Stage 1/Stage 2 Hypertension)
Perhaps a little high…
Back to my old Groceries!

Here were my biometrics for the day (This is a result of the previous day’s diet, since it’s taken first thing in the morning) The most I’ve ever weighed:

And… Here’s what I had to eat as my first day on a Good Diet:

Another great day in the books!

I would be grateful for any feedback, suggestions or comments you might have below… Cheers!

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