May 29, 2019 – Day 73

Traveling but crushing it! Had some nice times with my family and a long drive home, so lunch was a little strange but no worries. 

Time for a WTF Wednesday!! Here are some skip marks for you!

– Why so in-depth and not just tell us what to eat? 0:37
– How much water should I drink? 1:41
– How do “Net Carbs” work on food labels (or, why I eat Quest bars)? 2:58
– Is Sugar Alcohol bad for weight loss? 4:29
– The secret behind “Lite” foods. 6:34
– Kidneys and High Protein diets. 7:59

Here were my biometrics for the day:

And… Here’s what I had to eat:

Another great day in the books!

I would be grateful for any feedback, suggestions or comments you might have below… Cheers!

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